06/01/2019 – SD Voyager wrote a little piece about us, check it out below:

06/01/2019 – You can find our record at many local San Diego record stores (See below screenshot from our Instagram page).  There is also a copy available at Amoeba music store in Los Angeles.

05/13/2019 –Neurotic Mirage will be on Bob’s Asylum

05/05/2019 – Neurotic Mirage will be releasing their new album “Psycho Carnival” at Navajo Live.

05/02/2019 – Check out the latest edition of the Reader Magazine for a few words on our upcoming album “Psycho Carnival”

05/01/2019 – Check Out for a great record review of “Psycho Carnival”

04-23-2019 – Check out Rocktoc’s review of our new album “Psycho Carnival” below:

Neurotic Mirage – Psycho Carnival Record Review

03-2019 – Take a listen to some great feedback we recieved from Michael Halloran, a San Diego radio legend, and Bart Mendoza, a 10 year Capitol Record veteran.

Neurotic Mirage is a 3 person band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2015, the band combines Punk and Metal creating a unique progressive punk metal sound.  Neurotic Mirage released their first album in 2016 dubbed “Haywire Culture”.  Neurotic Mirage released their sophomore album “Psycho Carnival” May 5, 2019.