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Psychology – Philosophy-Spirituality

Psychology, Philosophy, and a deep and profound understanding of yourself are crucial to have the mentality needed to not only see but to actually understand people and history and the future. Understanding and reading and listening is not walking the walk, “Those without works are Dead”. I truly believe, through experience, that a consistent work on one’s self coupled with a practice of “Spiritual” principles embedded in all the enlightened masters of various religions while testing and expanding the mind on Psychological and Philisophical viewpoints is the narrow road to travel. I know what it is like to have nothing, to lose everything, to chase societies and the archetypes of the world and to fail and to gain wisdom. I don’t know everything, but I strive for more daily. Based on my experience, here are some recommendations:

Self-Understanding – “The measure in which you judge will be judged towards You” …”Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself”….the sayings are numerous. How can one possibly give to the world and understand fellow man without a deep understanding of oneself? How does one go about doing this? My introduction to this was a 12 step program where one decides to grow toward a Higher Power – And takes action to do so daily. 1.) Inventory your thoughts daily, use the AA program as an outline. Pray every day, morning and night, as a start. Read your inventory to another person. Make it your daily goal to help others. I know through experience that when you do this, you become more aware of the thoughts that have triggered the actions in your life. It opens the crack ever so slightly so that you get a small glimpse outside your EGOIC box…those peels that you built up to this point now can be peeled away…and you will find that your not so different than your fellow man, in fact, you know see what they cannot. Standard practice in any occult school- there is power in it.

Philosophy/Psychology – There are so many people out there to gain wisdom from. I would start with the below podcasts interviewing Michael Tsarion. He is one of my favorite alternate history/philosophy/psychology thought leaders. This guy will blow your mind. You can start listening here:

Another individual that is on his game is Mark Passio. You can visit his site and listen to his past Podcasts here:

Carl Jung – I would recommend buying and reading Carl Jung’s works. They go hand in hand with the practice of self – inventory. It is said that no one fucks with a man who practices martial arts because you can sense the power – same holds true for the power of self-reflection.