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Gary McKinnon ( a hacker that allegedly hacked into NASA finding a list of “Off World” officers and a top secret Space Program call “Solar Warden”. The attached images are research I have done on a ship that is allegedly part of that fleet. The top two are the USS hellenkoetter allegedly in space orbit above earth. The diagram depicts the ship and some of its properties. The picture attached could possibly be the USSS Hellenkoetter or a ship in the fleet being built. The picture is allegedly from a Video Game, however, the CIA and shadow organizations often cover up leaks by indoctronating the masses with the released images in Movies, video games, and mass media to have people dismiss the evidence as not real. Based on my research these are the best and most credible images i have found to date of this ship.

Based on my research online, i found this case to be intriguing.  The USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine in March 1971 took these photos . I believe them to be genuine photographs of Extraterrestrial craft captured by the military.

Theories abound, do you honestly believe the lunar mission just ended with the last apollo mission way back before the 80s? There were additional Apollo mission shortly after the last apollo mission. They allegedly found a ship that had been there for quite some time. I found the attached photo on the official Lunar surveyor site. You can find it here : . To me, if its on the offical surveyor site, there is a very good chance this is completely real. Apparently, they found some additional ET artifacts when they inspected the ship as part of a secret Apollo 20 mission. There is plenty of stuff on the internet on this including the actual video of the mission flyby and exploration as well as plenty of disinformation and stuff that is made to look like the event to disiform, this site provides a good synopsis of the entire event/theory/story.

So I found this hanger whos entrance is unblocked and by the looks of it is actively being used at this time. If you type in these coordinates (-66.603534,99.719795) you can find this on google maps now. There are no paths leading into this hanger and it sits on the top of a large mountain in Antarctica. Nothing can come out of this that moves based on rocket propulsion. not sure what this is an entrance too, but I know there are stories about what Antarctica is used for and what used to exist and still exists underground there. This is a factual existing building that to this day remains a mystery to me… I cannot find anything on the internet that shows or tells me what this could be to this day. The official CIA.GOv website has a official document created by a remote viewer as part of their remote viewing program that identifies a extraterrestrial race from mars 1 million years ago that landed in antartica on a scout mission/rehabitation mission. This could explain some origins of humanity or our past. The official remote viewing session is ( Again, this is an official document from the official CIA website as part of an official government program.

One day while searching the net i came across these high definition photos that i believe are part of a genuine UFO encounter. I was unable to find all the UFO photos that i had found previously but found these two. The others were a little more high definition.

There are plenty of photos of both Real and Fake photos of what purport to be extraterrestrial beings. Based on all my research and findings, the attached photos seem to be the closest to what i think are real ET photos as i can find. The photos with the alien grays in black suits large heads are part of a “KGB: Video you can find on you tube. There are plenty of photos and stories on these beings online. The alien that looks like an Asian is part of another set of photos. The alien being interrogated in the dark is supposedly an interrogation done on an alien grey that was alive – video which can be found online. Lastly, the alien getting a autopsy has 6 toes and fingers, there is a show on this event and plenty of material on line. Many say its fake, a person went so far as re-creating the entire scene to show how it could be faked, however, the reproduced version looks nothing like the original and looks fake while the real photos look pretty real. There are plenty of stories on this one but i believe the original photos may be real.

TR-3B = The TR-3B is an aircraft that does not officially exist that can fly spaceborne as well. There are tons of fake pictures out there, many of which i have researched and ruled out as fake…however, the attached is the closest i could find to a purported real TR-3B photo. This patent was filed by the US Military and can be found here: ( . The technology reversed from ET Tech reduces mass significantly allowing the aircraft to travel at supersonic speeds without having any effect on mass in motion. Cool stuff and just the tip of the iceberg on what exists as part of the secret space programs run by humanity.