2021/beyond. More evidence of the Neurotic Mirage.

Artists tend to want to express a message that reflects on philosophies, psychologies, and views of the world.  Some of the greatest artists have been major proponents of cultural change, activism, and social injustice.  2020 was a hard year, but it brought to lite some fundamental truths about the world today.  I already knew this world existed, only now it’s no longer a subtle, hidden hand, but an overt change in mind frame and social being.  The best way to describe it is to read and understand the lyrics to our songs TV Sorcery I & II.

Just remember, intention and thought is not an action.  To become what you believe, you must go beyond just thinking about ideals. Step into the shoes you believe were made for you.

TV Sorcery Part I & II

“I’m sitting here, stuck in this electronic hell and my mind has

Turned into a fine slime that is fed to the corporate rats

that market the mind frame through this TV Sorcery. TV Sorcery.

Yes I’m a terrorist of the collective consensus spending their time in social

regalia believing what is shoved down their throat by an Ego, Define, Psychopathic. Psychic Vampire.

Brittle to the bone I’m sporting a pale green complexion there’s snot running from my nose, my pupils are as large as my eyes.  they water every time, I toss and turn in bed, these chills there getting to my head.

Trying to fight off all these Psychic Vampires, Feeding Energy, TV Sorcery, am I alive or am I living in this electronic screen, electronic screen.

Take me away, Take me away.  From this overprivileged addicted to video game, mind frame.  And I sit and watch TV they talk about the economy and political policy what the fuck is going on its all just MIND CONTROL. TV SORCERY. TV SORCERY.

Pull the plugs, from the walls and disconnect from it all. No neuromarketing, advertising programming.  Integrated hive mind mentality, social engineering. The feeling is killing our sanity, it’s grabbing me pulling me in.

Ahhh, Ahhh, Ah.

White static noise invades our heads, toxic WI-FI waves, life in this virtual, pitiful, COMPUTER.

The fuse is fading, the world is changing, you’re glued, glued to your phone, staring at screens, mind-controlled beings, SOCIAL MEDIA. 

Fighting all these psychic Vampires, feeding energies, TV SORCERY, TV SORCERY, TV SORCERY, TV SORCERY.”

-Lyrics and Music by Neurotic Mirage